5 Effective Mortgage Broker Landing Pages

September 16, 2016

One of the most effective ways that mortgage brokers can increase sales through their website is to have one or more landing pages. A landing page is a page specially designed to encourage visitors to take a specific course of action. They can be used to increase sales, obtain email addresses or build relationships with customers. 

You may wonder why you need to use landing pages and not just direct users to your main website. Your website's homepage is usually quite general with many links to various sections of the site. On the other hand, a landing page is generally about one product and the call to action (i.e. a button to click) will be displayed prominently. It is widely believed that businesses that incorporate landing pages into their website see sales increase.

This article looks at 5 of the best and most effective landing pages for mortgage brokers that can transform your marketing strategy, leading to more enquiries and eventually sales. 

Local-optimised landing pages

If you want to target the people who are closest to you, and therefore most likely to use your business, then a local-optimised landing page will boost your conversions. An example of a local-optimised landing page would be "Mortgage Brokers in Edinburgh".

This works well for mortgage brokers because, usually, they are looking for an audience in a specific geographic area. Therefore, a page focusing on this area has a better chance of targeting the people who are most likely to make an enquiry – not to mention ranking well in Google’s search results. 

Landing page to support an AdWords campaign

For mortgage brokers who run an AdWords campaign, a properly optimised landing page is essential. As a general rule of thumb, an AdWord campaign should always direct visitors to a dedicated landing page and not your company's homepage.

AdWords adverts perform best when they are advertising a specific service, and the user who clicks on your ad will expect to see exactly what was advertised. If they land on a page that is optimised to reflect the advertisement and has a clear call to action, rather than trying to find the best page after landing on your homepage, they are more likely to convert. This means that you will see a higher return on investment for your campaign and more enquiries. 

The beauty of this type of landing page is that it doesn't have to sit within the architecture of your website. That means the layout and design can be switched up so the appropriate information and the call to action are both in the clearest place with the most impact. 

Information-led landing pages

Your landing page could be designed to answer a specific question or provide information. This is an information-led landing page. For example, the title "Buy to Let Mortgages Explained" will entice people to the page. The information you provide will help them to reach a decision about buying your product. 

You may even find that an information-led landing page ranks higher for some keywords than your main website. 

Sales-led landing pages

Sales-led landing pages are perfect for mortgage brokers when they need to boost enquiries for a specific product. The idea is to get the page ranking in Google for search terms that have potential for qualified enquiries. In other words, where there are likely to be people not simply Googling for information, but Googling a specific product because they already know what it is and they are looking for the best deal. An example might be “mortgage lenders for bad credit”. 

If you created a landing page called “Apply for a Bad Credit Mortgage" with all the right elements – prominent product details and buyer information, a clear call to action, testimonials and reviews – you’ll have a higher chance of generating enquiries for that service should people land on it from Google. 

Special offer landing page

Let's face it, everyone loves a discount. Mortgage brokers can generate more sales and build customer relationships by using special offer landing pages. The beauty of a special offer landing page is that all you have to provide are simple details about the product. If the page is visually appealing, you will convert more customers. 

Some of the most used terms that are used in the search engines are "cheap", "discount", and "free". Special offer landing pages are perfect for using those keywords as part of a marketing campaign. 


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