What’s the best logo colour for a mortgage broker?

September 16, 2016

Colour psychology is important. Many studies over the years have shown it to be a surprisingly significant driver behind our financial choices – which shops to stop for, which adverts to click on, even the cans of fizzy drink we buy. 

The choice of logo colour for your business can therefore be quite significant. The colours in a logo can communicate certain qualities about the business they represent – trust, respectability, energy, and more. Because it’s so vital, we’ve put together a quick selection of colour choices and the responses they garner to help you create your perfect logo.

Blue: the official colour of mortgage broking

Blue is clearly the colour of choice for most mortgage brokers. In fact, it’s probably the most popular colour used in corporate branding, frequently found in logos for tech companies (including the big three social networks, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), police forces, health organisations, travel firms and the financial services. It’s certainly the most common colour used by banks, accountants, insurance brokers and independent financial advisors.

Why is blue usually the first choice for corporate colours, and how could it be useful for mortgage brokers? Firstly, it’s considered popular – perhaps you can imagine a lot of people choosing blue as their favourite colour. Secondly, blue is believed to convey feelings of security, honesty, dependability, strength, caring, loyalty, trustworthiness and authority. It’s also widely regarded as a calming colour, subconsciously encouraging people to relax – that’s probably why many nurseries are painted blue! 

All these are strong emotional counterpoints to the feelings that people have when they’re doing something significant, even scary, such as committing to a mortgage or contacting the police. It may be the perfect colour for striking the reassuring, honest, authoritative and attentive note you may wish to convey to your potential clients.

What other colours are suitable for you?

Of course, not every mortgage broker uses blue in their logo. Many use black, green, red, even purple. Here’s a breakdown of each colour and how it could be useful:


A simple and direct statement suggesting quality, sophistication or technical brilliance. Black is used by luxury brands and by many technologically-based companies; it can also indicate power. Black is not necessarily the warmest or most encouraging colour, but it’s still frequently used by mortgage brokers to convey simplicity and quality.


Reliability, constructiveness and trust are the key responses to brown. Commonly chosen by legal firms and outdoor organisations, brown also has strong connections to nature and woodiness. There are not many mortgage brokers who use a lot of brown in their corporate branding.


Green is quite a popular colour for mortgage brokers. It has immediate associations with nature, harmony and health. Like blue, it’s thought to be a calming colour. Green is the obvious choice for eco-friendly branding, but it’s also used by companies to convey compassion and growth. It’s used by food and drink companies to suggest healthy, life-giving powers for example.


Grey is the most neutral colour in branding. It’s the colour of humility and corporate respect, and is often used to indicate practicality in business, or it’s used as a typeface colour because of its ability to blend with other colours. It’s uncommon to find grey as the dominant colour among mortgage brokers.


Of course you can combine colours in your logo. Some companies, however, don’t commit to any one or two dominant colours but go for a balanced multi-colour approach. These companies are often looking to give off vibes of creativity and their logos often appear bold and playful, which can be used to appeal effectively to young children. While many mortgage brokers combine colours in their logos, finding one who uses this multi-coloured approach is virtually unheard of.


Orange creates a perfect combination of the responses invoked by red and yellow - it is playful, energetic and attention-grabbing. It’s also believed to subconsciously suggest affordability, and is therefore found in many businesses that target a low income market. It’s not uncommon for mortgage brokers to focus on orange in their logos.


Pink evokes femininity, of course, along with compassion, playfulness and happiness. It is often used for branding aimed at girls or women, such as female beauty products. It’s not a popular choice among mortgage brokers.


Purple may be the most mysterious colour used in branding. In fact, that’s precisely what it conveys: mystery, psychology, imagination. Or does it? Purple is one of the least common logo colours because it conveys many different things. In addition to the above, it also conveys luxury, sophistication, creativity, playfulness, desire, royalty and spirituality. It can be warm or cold, it can appeal to children or adults. Many mortgage brokers use it although, because it’s purple, it’s always difficult to know why! 


A red logo is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. It’s a positive, attention-grabbing, warm colour that conveys energy, love, passion, danger and excitement; perfect for a logo that wants to be bold. It’s frequently used to provoke an emotional reaction for a product – such as Coca-Cola, for example – but because of its excitable properties, it’s often toned down or used sparingly by financial companies.   


A perhaps surprisingly popular choice among mortgage brokers, yellow is a warm and happy colour typically associated with flowers and sunshine. It’s been scientifically proven to increase happiness and positivity, which is probably why it’s so popular in financial logos!


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