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Mortgage Broker SEO

We’ve designed our SEO process specifically for mortgage brokers. We’ve developed it so that it helps you promote your mortgage business and areas of expertise, by enhancing and improving your visibility on the search engines.

As a mortgage broker or mortgage adviser, your website could rank higher in Google. We will use proven, ethical search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies, especially designed for mortgage brokers, so that the maximum possible gains can be delivered to your search engine positioning in the shortest period of time.

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  • Initial SEO Report

    We’ll look at your specific market, your specific clients, and how they behave. We’ll analyse the words they search on and the phrases they use, creating a mortgage broker SEO strategy that gets you high in the search engines that matter to them. And we’ll look at the costs too – it’s not always the most obvious, most expensive search terms that get results.

  • SEO Optimisation

    Stage Two involves actual optimisation of your key words, viewed also from a technical perspective. This stage usually includes key word research and SEO auditing as part of the planning process.

    Next, we’ll focus on onsite and offsite optimisation. This includes technical recommendations, page content and HTML tag optimisation, the installation of sustainable local links and citations, bespoke content creation, and the setting-up of ‘Google My Business’. These features will all help to promote your mortgage broker business, its products and services.

    Additional marketing options might include pay per click (PPC). For more information on PPC click here.

  • Review Period

    Stage Three enables us to track the effectiveness of our SEO for your mortgage broker website over several months. We’ll review progress and follow up with a report on the results.

    As part of this review, we’ll produce an analytical report. This will show where you are currently placed for the agreed key words and how you’re doing compared to competitors. It will also cover a number of other data areas.

    If necessary, further link-building can be undertaken.

  • Further Optimisation

    Stage Four is for mortgage brokers who have decided they’d like to invest further in optimisation.

    We’ll build on the successes of the earlier three stages by undertaking targeted pieces of SEO work over specific timeframes.

    This approach enables effective budgeting, while still being focused on achieving results.

    The exact nature of the SEO work depends on your business priorities and objectives.

    It could include building further citations (listings) along with links to influencers, links within the mortgage services sector and in your local area.


Start ranking higher in the search engines today by commissioning a bespoke SEO Feasibility Report for your mortgage services business. For only £195 plus VAT you can start optimising your results today. Just commission your report.